Mediation Services

I have mediated hundreds of family law cases in the past ten years, a majority reaching a successful agreement as parties switch their focus from personal agendas to what is best for their children. Even when mediation is court ordered and parties hold strong attachments to individual positions, mediation fosters a safe environment with an objective third party so couples can concentrate on what is best for their children and let go of self interests.

I get great satisfaction helping couples settle their differences over child custody and support, parenting time schedules, post-divorce modifications, and property division. I’m gratified when parties seek the best interests of their children over self-interests.

Having recently retired from full-time employment, I am now eager to devote more time to provide mediation services to our community, particularly to modest- and low-income couples. My standard fee is $90/hour, but I will negotiate reduced fees for couples struggling financially. I so believe in the value of couples using mediation to resolve family conflicts that I consider a fee reduction as my contribution to that process.